Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alien Abduction? – Malaysia Flight MH370 Harvesting Jet Airliner Spare Parts and Human Organs?

Cosmic Fast Food? Cheap

Based on a dream I had nine days ago, at least a third of the passengers of Malaysia flight MH370 were being held in an unused building in a desert like landscape outside the building.

As good as these other theories that the High Technology fails miserably to explain at this point in time.

Of course maybe the used parts on a $260 million jetliner would bring in maybe $25-50 million in a good black market.

But probably less than harvesting the body parts of 250 people on the used body part - black market.  

It that theory political as in terrorist or merely capitalist as in free market capitalism?

That or the Aliens have read the infamous Rod Serling Cookbook – To Serve Man. LOL


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