Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hobby Lobby Assholes Own The Earned Wages and Benefits of Der Slave Employees??? – Catholic Supreme Court to Look at Right to Destroy Womens’ Health Medicine

Employees Do Not Earn Wages or Benefits???

I do not see the logic of it.

You work for these Christian Assholes who do not believe in Abortion. Or any thing modern like Female Medicine (Needs).

They think they own your privacy once you have earned your Health Benefits along with your slave wages???

Like the Insurance Company is going to give a 1% discount/cash kickback on the Health Insurance Company Premiums to hold back birth control pills but not of course the Viagra Boner Pills or the Penis Pumps for the more important than female – Male (I have a Penis!) Employees.

What is with this Republican obsession, like Disney’s Scrooge McDuck, of tying a string onto the money they supposed pay to their employees and telling their employees who they can fuck and how they can fuck with others?

Packaged Approved Media Bullshit (Christ! – It’s CNN for God’s Sake!) Handout – FYI:


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