Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cardinal George of Chicago Questions Rahm Emanuel’s Jewish Values – Chick-Fil-A

Cardinal George of Chicago, a Christian Evangelical Conservative has come down on the side of Dan Cathy’s conservative Christian hatred of gays and the funding of gay hate projects, some co-sponsored by the Catholics.

These days, the conservative Catholic Hierarchy have in all but exact word and deed negated the brotherhood and sisterhood generated towards other faiths out of Vatican II.

Along with forgetting Vatican II is the negation Pope Paul VI’s wrongful Catholic blame of the Jews for the mythical figure of Jesus and his death. Read Cardinal George's revised remarks below on that chestnut. RIP Paul VI.  RIP Vatican II.

So when I hear Heir George speak about Rahm Emanuel’s values I know what the coded anti-Semite message is (wink, nod).

Prove me wrong! Show me one photo of Cardinal George standing next to Mayor Emanuel, shaking hands and "smiling".

Cardinal George on Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ flick:

…There is a priest in the archdiocese who has a lot of experience in filmmaking, and he has sent out to the parishes all the information on the film and how to participate in viewing it. I have sent out the documents from Rome and the USCCB on how to read the Passion stories in the Gospels. I would encourage people to see the film. 

I would then say something else. We should see it not only as Christian believers; we should try to watch it with the eyes of the Jewish people. 

The history of anti-Semitism, a very sorrowful history, has made many Jews very sensitive to any recognition that even some Jews were involved in the death of Jesus. Obviously some Jews were involved in the death of Jesus. He had enemies among his own people. His apostle Judas betrayed him and some of the leaders of the people were against him. Read the Gospels. At the same time, all Jesus' friends were Jews, as were the first apostles and disciples - everybody was a Jew within this story, except the Romans who, in fact, killed him. They killed him in their own fashion - a terrible execution, torture. And all of that torture is attributed to the Romans in the film. 

But the push to have him condemned is attributed to some of the Jewish leaders, even though the Romans are primarily responsible. Jesus had enemies among his own people. He also had friends and disciples among his own people. Jesus was a Jew. And you can hardly tell the story of Jesus' life, certainly not the story of his death, without saying that some Jews did this and some Jews did that.
 – Cardinal George 13 February 2004 - St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, River Forest, Illlinois

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea if "Cardinal George is a anti semite abut I do know that Rahm Emanuel has no Jewish Values.

Judaism forbids gay marriage and Emanuel supports it. Does Emanuel also want to shut down every single shop on West Devon Ave.

I wonder if giving Israel the bill for his non kosher food is also a "Jewish value"