Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jesus - Stoned at a Gay Wedding - Paolo Veronese 1563

The center of the largest painting in the Lourve, a personal favorite of Napoleon, is Jesus looking all stoned and dare I say it drunk like any normal guy on his wedding day. Next to him is his mom and his partner on his left, (holding hands?) looks to be a bit older, balding and with a beard, no doubt this is a second marriage for him I would think. Probably has got a good business and is well heeled, otherwise mom would look upset. Right?

No gay wedding cakes back then.

I count five seated women in a room including mom with at least a hundred guys all crawling over each other trying to score. There are three, maybe four, other females hanging off balconies? 

If this ain’t a gay wedding, I don’t know what is.

Enlarge the image and see for yourself on above link.

The happy couple is registered at Bed Bath and Camel.



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