Friday, November 21, 2014

The Shunning of Bill Cosby in America – Reasserting White Cultural Standards in the Media?

Perhaps this current mess with Bill Cosby is a mistake. Or PC has caught up to the past when there pretty much were no rules when it came to sex and or sexuality in America.

I seem to think that social networking among other things takes a lot of shared ignorance out of the closet so to speak and shed some light on matters in a modern global capacity.

That sins like masturbation on the Church list, mortal sins mind you, that they are pretty much considered body function anymore and not sinful but just something normal in the life of the man beast race that remains half ape and is still half imagining the other half is angel. Which is why the guys in dresses at the Vatican don't have a clue about anything sexual - still preaching from the same old everything is a sin textbook as genuinely "moral" - yeah right.

Getting back to Cosby. I always thought he was a grade A phony. If you look at the old “I Spy” detective shows where he was a so-called breakthrough part for an African American on prime time TV in the mid-1960s. The show was on at 10 P.M. when school children were supposed to be already off to bed in Beaver Cleaver white America. 

If you see these old shows, they are poorly written and full of a lot of direct and veiled sadistic violence. Not good fare for mom and pop watching them. But then again few choices then for three TV channel America.

I remember a show with Cosby being a gym teacher which actually fit in with his Temple U degree in Philly for P/E.

Over and above his moderate visual success on TV was his dirty comedy records which to many was his real source of income.

I remember around 1971 when he was on the David Frost show making a big deal about retiring from Show Business and going off to Massachusetts to get his PhD in education. Why? Because he wanted to be an outstanding model for his race and in education etc. PR PR PR  BS BS BS Whatever became of his academic career? But the bait and switch entertainment marketing scam worked well to create demand so well that Frank Sinatra, a has been night club singer retired two or three times before his many comebacks. Whatever.

Then there was that bizarre Cosby fantasy show of a successful Harlem Doctor and his cute black middle class gentrified family that it was somehow successful even though I had no desire to watch it. I knew black people and I knew Harlem and the last place any successful black people I knew in New York - they did not want to live and or work in Harlem.

Which kind of leaves us now with the present and all these bimbos coming out of the woodwork wanting an out of court settlement from a filthy rich black entertainer who for better or worse has not managed his private tastes too well. Or these women, groupies in their younger days or whatever never heard the adage that in getting ahead in Show Business is the same as in Wall Street – it is not who you know, it is who you blow to get ahead in life.

I have often thought that the death of the hypocritical White Town Square standards in America was the start of the culture wars in the 1980s forward to establish those old standards that were pretty much set by the local town newspaper owned by the local white establishment.

That when someone like Madonna came onto the scene with her skank nouveau marketing model, that the old white standard bearers, the newspapers and national TV media could not shame her or shun her or make an example of her slutty appeal to the rising younger female buying demographic market.

That now with six corporations controlling the top tier (1%) of the information and tech pyramid, I look at this current Bill Cosby sideshow with mild disinterest but realize that Cosby is collateral damage of sorts of the six year plus Fox News TV and Limbaugh radio hate campaign against Obama and trying to reassert the old white standards in the obsolete in a global town square sense, of the old American Town Square. The white GOP’s Neanderthal base is going to lynch this guy, in virtual-osity, in the social media. 

So much for doing their Ted Cruz - Joe Wilson style of protecting our white women in the burbs from “those people”. That Rafael Cruz courtesy of the Heritage Foundation endorsement of Cuban white hatred of all blacks including black cubans - and Joe Wilson's "You Lie" white trash talk to the WH Nigger from the inbred crowd in South Carolina has a butterfly affect on the all Racist Revival of the old loser Confederate States even in a global age of tech and information movement. 

I say this because today, even the casino in Arizona run by the Tohono O'odham Indian nation outside Tucson is cancelling Bill Cosby’s scheduled performance in February. That the nation that sells tobacco and liquor untaxed by the Feds and caters to gambling addicts are pimps of sorts or good capitalist businessmen depending on your POV – but the point is that they feel comfortable enough in judging Bill Cosby in the social media maelstrom that eats and chews ppl out faster than whatever.

The media sucks. 

Good luck Bill in your virtual retirement as an ideal model of whatever it was that you were in your fifteen hours of fame. 


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