Friday, November 28, 2014

Bishop Robert Finn Got Raw Deal in Corrupt Missouri State Grand Jury Maze?

I begin to realize why the Vatican has stood by their man in Kansas City Missouri on charges of failure to report suspected child abuse by his personal friend Father Ratigan.

Apparently the sheeple in the Kansas City Diocese also understand how corrupt a local Missouri Grand Jury can get when its members are picked by experts in personalities and types. Not to mention ethnic names that might indicate whether a Juror is a Catholic or Protestant etc. And of course these days the “none of the above” atheists, agnostics and secularists populate the juror’s pool. 

Bishop Finn was no doubt indicted on heartland anti-Catholic sentiment with that likely heavy Protestant and “other” type of Grand Juror placed there by the local prosecutor.

So when some ambitious prosecutor from the white burb part of a Missouri County wants to convict a sitting Roman Catholic Bishop on some piddling child abuse misdemeanors as an example, it is no big deal to indict anyone on any trumped up charges or not indict a favored native (white) son, as in the recent St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McColloch’s long, long, long term probe into the innocence of a Ferguson Missouri cop Darren Wilson ( which was a forgone conclusion – wink – nod ).

Spoon feeding jurors and evading questions from the jury if the Supreme Court can trump some obsolete fugitive slave type shoot to kill law is otay okay.  That and picking a white nine panel and black three grand jury with a requirement of 9 votes to indict and or not to indict. No sweat. So sweat indeed Bobby and Kathi and Sheila.

Bishop Finn will not doubt be moving up to rank of archbishop soon, that is no doubt in the works. Just a matter of time. God’s laws are certainly superior to man-made and easily manipulated secular law as in Missouri.


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