Thursday, November 20, 2014

George Washington –Typical Lazy White Farmer - Living Off the Welfare of His Slaves

I am amazed how it took George Washington and 2,000 slaves on his plantation to make a comfortable middle class living for himself and his wife and her two brats from a previous marriage.

The History Channel shows how George raised sheep for wool and had an untaxed by the gubmint, largest whiskey still in America and as if he did all the dirty grunt work to eek out a comfortable living for his lazy white ass and his lazy white wife and lazy white children. Mansion (Plantation) trash.

The adage about how slaves, blacks, African Americans are so lazy over the centuries covers the truth of from 1620 onward of the lazy white fucks of Virginia and the South and parts North who all lived on the sweat, pain and agony of the black man, woman and their children and children's children.

As for being a good general, Washington was too lazy and or just too white (wink, nod) to surrender to the British. Too dumb to know when he lost?

And most importantly of all did not want to pay his bills in London for all the luxury items exported to Mount Vernon. Deadbeat founding father. 

And too lazy to work - living on the welfare of his slaves. 


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