Monday, June 8, 2015

Religion Alert: Shireen Baratheon on Game of Thrones Burned at the Stake to Appease God of Light.

They’ve been killing off a lot of characters on the HBO fantasy soap opera Game of Thrones set in some sort of game of dungeons and dragons past tense, this in order to not write good scripts.

Season Five has been a bust what with a Rape Wedding of Eddard Stark’s daughter Sansa to some loser Marat like S/M creep Ramsey Snow Bolton.

People named Snow are bastards but Ramsey managed to kill and torture his way into dad’s heart to be named legitimate for the sake of succession of the rising House Bolton. (minor plot line with even more minor acting and or actors.)

The real star of the show is John Snow, bastard son of Eddard Stark stuck away on duty until death as part of the Night’s Watch on a large Wall of China like structure protecting the south from the Scots people on the other side of the wall.  (It is a place most nobles send their bastard sons to get rid of them btw.) John Snow not at top of family tree in link below btw, but way down at the bottom as a footnote so to speak.

Game of Throne family tree rapidly depleted since first season below.

Well, Shireen Baratheon (actress Kerry Ingram) is a child in remission of some leprosy like disease that covers your body in scales before you die. Her father Stannis Baratheon who is laying a claim to the Iron Throne once held by his fat drunkard brother Robert, who got killed off in the first few episodes only to be replaced by Queen Cersai’s and her brother Jamie’s incestuous offspring King Joffrey, a real loser and or monster in terms of human potential that Queen Cersai had to keep in check by manipulation until somebody poisoned the bastard at his wedding – poisoned by his Grandmother-in-law. In-laws, can’t live them in Joffrey’s case. LOL

Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean, who dies in almost every movie he makes, played the right hand man of his friend King Robert Baratheon, only to discover that Robert’s royal bloodline was tainted by the House Lannister incest of Queen Cersai and brother Jamie, and loses his head for his curiosity.

So the whole show is really about a civil war of sorts starting up amongst the various houses of power that once served the king on the Iron Throne. Rather bloody and now the religion, magic and superstition is setting into the plot with the torching of a little girl to appease some sky god etc. Only going to prove that all religion sucks. 


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