Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confederate Flags Don’t Kill; People Kill

Confederate Flags Don’t Kill; People Kill

Todd Starnes is the whipping boy of the day on the left, the butt of all secular jokes. But to be honest, the confederate flag does not kill, did not kill those 9 victims of gun violence in Charleston SC. While that flag has become a loose code word/symbol for some people’s racism, it always was that symbol to them throughout time. 

The South has a heritage and a tradition and perhaps the three stripes, red, white, red of the original flag, stars and bars, would be a better display of Southern history in public for a flag.

But to suddenly see that they are going for remove, censor, all scenes for the Dukes of Hazzard TV show of the flag is just downright ridiculous and “PC” (like Pravda) – politically correct – without humor and or a sense that some things are forever grandfathered into the culture of the Southern United States - and in tune with the new Corporate Sharia of say a Walmart to turn on a dime and agree to this “cultural cleansing” as Todd Stark phrases it. 

In other words Corporate Sharia just threw the culture of the South under the bus for business and or business/political reasons. Does Walmart sell bibles? If they do, when will Corporate and or Secular Sharia demand that bible no longer be sold in America?

This stuff about the Confederate Flag is a diversion. It has to do with a failed education system, a failed economy and a failed Congress.



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