Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gustav and William Dentzel Carousell Factory – 3635-41 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia

3635-41 Germantown Ave. Phila. 
(Google Street View Map)

Phila. Geo History 1910 Bromley Map

Property in back is now a parking lot on Elder Street.

There is the lost Hunting Park Carousel, something I rode on as a child, that the city sold off in 1967 rather than preserve a unique part of Philly industrial history.

The people who write history books say that the factory was in Germantown.  Just south of Erie and Broad and above W Venango, not too sure if that is Germantown.  Germantown Avenue starts way near downtown and not everywhere along that street is Germantown. Whatever.

Portable Fair Carrousell by Dentzel circa 1895

Entertainment in America used to be seasonal in many aspects of the some industries.  Gustav Dentzel took his portable carousell out on the road to street fairs and state fairs as a cash flow asset to carry the factory business back in Philly. 

Advertisement - Billboard - April 1910


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