Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson supposedly and sued as a Mick hating Bigot

The pompous asshole who used to host the BBC Top Gear program, once a favorite in this household, is supposedly a Mick hater.

I was turned off when I saw him attend that evil Margaret Thatcher’s funeral but I turned the other cheek and continued to watch.

The American version of Top Gear is TV Wasteland drivel btw.

Well now we know how the British Empire went down the loo. 

Morons like Jeremy Clarkson.

The fall-out from Jeremy Clarkson’s acrimonious departure fromTop Gear rumbles on as producer Oisin Tymon- whom Clarkson assaulted during a break from filming- has sued both Clarkson and the BBC for racial discrimination. In addition to the physical attack Clarkson launched on Tymon- allegedly over a disagreement over catering- Tymon is alleging he was victim to a verbal tirade that included derogatory remarks about his Irish nationality.

Tymon, represented by legal firm Slater And Gordon, attended an employment tribunal on Friday, along with lawyers for the BBC and Clarkson. It is believed that the allegations of racial discrimination could significantly increase any compensation claim due Tymon following the incident. An internal BBC inquiry in March found that Clarkson had instigated “an unprovoked verbal and physical attack” on Tymon, and publicly cleared Tymon on wrongdoing whatsoever.


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