Monday, December 14, 2015

Hope Hope Comedy Specials in Heaven

Bob Hope
Library of Congress
(Public Domain)

Hope Hope Comedy Specials in Heaven

When I die and go straight to heaven, I am going to reserve some time there to watch the 10 DVDs of the Time-Life Bob Hope Collection of Bob Hope TV Specials on NBC.

I won’t have to pay 5 easy payments of $19.99 each because everything in Heaven is free just like the Democrats promise or so I am told.

And don’t forget the free 11th DVD of the Dean Martin Roasts.

As 98% of the people I see on the 30 minute long infomercial advertisement are already there in heaven and I can just look them up in person as well - that's why they call it heaven.

That and there is no point to watch them now at home – because as my millennial son says “Who is Bob Hope?” (That and what's a DVD?) LOL


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