Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Bomb with Vulgar Little Man Seth MacFarlane and Dummy/Mark Wahlberg Anti-Semitic Jokes

Seth MacFarlane - Poster Boy for Dumbed-Down Vulgar Americans

If you ever catch a few minutes of the offensive cartoon show Family Guy, you will understand what dumbed down American and Vulgar really mean in the form of a mouth full of porcelain and a toupee full of I am God’s Gift to Humanity Oscar host last night, what he Seth MacFarlane is all about. (Family Guy is of course produced by FOX TV – who else – the FOX NEWS Guys)

Well I watched other TV fare until 10:00 PM and turned the channel onto ABC to be bored to death with dinosaur entertainment, a bunch of Les Meserables songs from the stone age sung by a very chubby Russell Crowe and a very bored looking Hugh Jackman and ensemble singers in an arrangement no doubt written by Seth MacFarlane (boring).

There was an over the hill Babra Streisand singing a song thirty or forty years old in honor of Marvin Hamlisch. Back in your coffin Babra. Please!

…and the usual Oscar winners predicted in the press – Yawn!

The one thing I thought offensive by my obsolete old fashioned standards were the anti-Semitic jokes from a Teddy Bear robot with Mark Wahlberg chiming in as “straight” man – “I’m a Catholic”.

If Anti-Semitic is okay from a dummy, no doubt it is inspired by the whole dysfunction like the show Family Guy also known as the Oscars every year. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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