Monday, February 25, 2013

Cardinal O’Brien of Scotland Resigns – Bishop Finn (Opus Dei) Still Untouchable with Kiddie Porn Associations

Benedict and American Favorite Finn

The biggest fish yet in the RC hierarchy resigned amidst accusations from adults and adult sexual encounters (alledged) from years ago.

No doubt the publicity and media attention would have been on O’Brien if he had made his way to Rome to vote for a new pope.

We salute you Cardinal O’Brien for falling on your sword for the sake of a good show in Rome.

The decades old accusations came out of the woodwork after Cardinal O'Brien mentioned the Celibacy thing as something that should change. A coincidence?

American Cardinals Mahony and Rigali, knee deep in the blood and guts associated with the Child Abuse scandal in the United States, will go to Rome to vote for the next Bishop of Rome.

Opus Dei Favorite Bishop Finn of Kansas City, the Teflon Bishop, is immune from any calls for resignation despite his association with and protection of convicted kiddie porn friend and priest Ratigan currently in prison. Yellow Ribbon for Shawn tied to an old oak tree outside Bobby Finn's Bishop's Residence? (True Love?)

The usual RC/GOP stuff on capitol hill and the local American chancery. Whatever.

LONDON — A day after a newspaper accused him of committing “inappropriate acts” in his relations with three priests and one former priest, Cardinal Keith O’Brien said on Monday that he had resigned as Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric.

Bishop/Priest (a special kind of?) Love - Kansas City MO


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