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Benedict’s Demotion Back to High Priest of the Inquisition – March 1, 2013

Reading some progressive Catholic Blogs in the last few days, I get the sense that once Josef Ratzinger got promoted to pope, he found out how little real power a pope has in the Vatican.

That John Paul II made it look easy. That Joe thought that he too could be a rock star pope.

Truth is that JPII was only a media star and his role as conduit for cash through the Vatican and into the Eastern Bloc i.e. Poland for political intrigue fit into pro bono American East Coast media gold during the Cold War.

Well, along comes Joe the Pope and the first thing he does is he wants to show the world what a great scholar he thinks he is and then insults all of Islam with his scholarly Cliff Notes at Regensburg in September 2006.

The man clearly does not understand Islam or he thinks himself insulated in some small college delivering his cheesy little college work that nobody outside the college will know or care about.

No doubt Joe’s best moment came in May 2006 when he finally, after years of writing private secret memos about Maciel to General Wojtyla who never read them apparently, he pushed an aged Legion of Christ founder and general all around pervert and Madoff like crook Marcial Maciel Dellogado into a forced retirement. Not that hard to bring down an old toothless lion at the zoo.

All well and good. And like Henry VIII’s breaking up of the very corrupt obsolete Monastery system in England, the breakup and redistribution of wealth and serfs and seminarians and foot soldiers is still underway for that Legion of Christ empire.

Aside from that, the pope these days is little more than Mickey Mouse at Disneyland who must ride around in his ridiculous pope mobile and wave to the tourists, the majority of practicing Catholics in Rome on any given day of the week, that far outnumber the non-practicing natives etc. and then once a week arrive in Superstar Audience Hall and deliver a pithy little moral sounding message to inspire the rich tourists and justify their very expensive trip to Rome and the Vatican museum.

All this time, the thousands of folders on all the pedophile Priest and pedophile religious members of his church worldwide have been sitting on his old desk collecting dust at the Inquisition, toxic waste that nobody other than a good German clerk could deal with in terms of classifying, stamping and filing away for future reference and or possible authoritative action. Yeah right.

I think that Joe the Pope got bored, and worse than that, that pile of toxic files back in the Inquisition office were becoming his only legacy, a full floor's worth in acreage no doubt in the underground bombproof eternal Vatican Library.

Ratzinger’s, Benedict’s, recent obsessive ranting about homosexuality no doubt is from his long term memory both from his own personal past, the type of distorted sexuality of the average Roman cleric, and along with his past as John Paul’s chief clerk, gatekeeper and fire putter outer of the child abuse thing that got out of the Vatican Fire Brigade’s control both under John Paul II and the overlapping John Paul/Benedict united regime.

The modern world, democracy and communication technology brought perversion to the surface of the pond in the form of all the Bernard Laws of the Hierarchy, one state and one country at a time.

When I see somebody like Cardinal O’Brien finally getting some kind of payback from the Vatican, I see a man without a political party in the Vatican being picked off as road carrion for the sake of public example to all the incoming Cardinal’s about to rush in and crown Benedict’s hand-picked successor from a field of stooges hand-picked over three decades during the John Paul/Benedict Magisterium period of the church.

That and stabbing a Britain in the back fits well into the Wehrmacht training of his youth, a story that he has controlled all along his timeline btw.

That Mahony in Los Angeles carries the Gomez’s Opus Dei Vote to Rome. Rigali certainly knows the details of the Cedric Tornay Swiss Guard Murders and can vote because he has the blackmail power to do so. 

And no doubt there are a handful of Cardinals now who as younger men heard their older cardinal bosses discuss the results of the secret autopsy of John Paul I. Blackmail power there too I think.

John Paul II in his obsession with the dead, dare I call it necromancy, had the bones of some Polish saint, a national Polish hero examined and cat scanned, and also had the body of Celestine V, the last pope to voluntarily resign forensically examined, an object of obsession now for Benedict also.  

Also some sense of trying to make papal sense out of the bizarre way that popes fuck things over for the sake of personal power and prestige masked in a face of that strange bizarre truly unknown to them Christ creature.

John Paul II, and his obsession with dead papal royal bodies and Polish national heroes, in his role of also turning John XXIII’s body into another tourist thingy in St. Peter’s, a Vatican II trophy?, did not under his watch order an autopsy of John Paul I because he already knew the results or did not want to know those results that catapulted him into global power and fame. Believe it or not.

Now Joe’s only role left is to protect his niche in papal history, is to shred or misfile those thousands of pedo files in the Office of the Inquistion’s vaults, not to be refound in next thousand years by the average mediocre Vatican scholars of the future allowed to examine them.  LOL

“Wenn Sie einen Job richtig zu erledigen wollen, müssen Sie es selbst zu tun.”


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