Thursday, September 27, 2012

The new Catheo/Fascism - against all free conscience in America - Catholic / Theology / Fascism = Catheofascism

One of the pluses of hanging out on this blog for the past four years has been an almost daily education of the finer details of Catholic and Christian theology or the approach to the concept of the abstract G*d thing.

I am, many times. a day or two late and more than a few dollars short on the subject of theology BTW.

But I am reminded of two things as the religious parasite crowd in this country wants more and more handouts of cash from the government for its charity and education rackets.

Lori, Harrison, Mitchell - A Catholic, A Lutheran and A Baptist go into a Bar and demand Free Whiskey...

I am not anti-religion.  I am Areligionist - without dogma and or religion, with a background dose of Cultural Christian in my everyday mindset.

The two things are related to a third thing – the civil rights issue of marriage equality.

I am reminded of the Bishop of Denver sanctioning the turning out of two small children from their catholic school in an affluent suburb because their parents were an unmarried lesbian couple living together.  Apparently it is not legal for the "Spouse One" and the "Spouse Two" boxes on many marriage certificate applications in America to be filled in with the names of people of the same gender in Colorado, a wild west territory until 1876.

Modern Invented Definition - Homosexual - Source:

Beyond that there are too many stories of gay men and women who are not openly, but covertly, fired from jobs in Catholic and probably Christian education as well  because they dare to walk out of the shadows of a lie that society builds around the misunderstanding of human sexuality, built on invented terms, many of which were invented in Victorian England and in reflection of the obsessive compulsive disorder of the German Prince Consort Albert and other compulsive Victorians.

I am reminded of the Mormons who had to give up their socially designed redesign around the marriage thing in the form of one man marrying many women and calling his concubines "wives" and married in Mormon Temple etc. That the Mormons had to abandon polygamy in order to gain statehood in the United States as the state of Utah.

Zion Ranch Texas - Mormon Wives - 2008 

That I am reminded that it is the Mormons who raised the most cash to turn back the California law allowing civil, not religious, marriage for taxpaying gay citizens, male and female.

This spiteful Mormon deal carries over onto the Catholic landscape where the latest hate campaign against gay catholics is at a fever pitch and in obedience to monies paid to the RC church from the fundamentalist Christian Right and the Mormon Church to introduce American society over a period of decades to the concept that it is alright to openly hate the gays in the form of disqualification from marriage (sorry, failed the religious litmus test as defined precisely by G*d hisself) and eventually other civil rights as well.
And not just for gays but eventually all people of free conscience in a once free land that was founded to protect people from the dark shadows of things like Catheofascism among other dark religious beliefs and laws in Europe.

The second thing is the firing of a catholic school teacher in June in Minnesota for saying that she believed in the concept of same-sex marriage on her self-filled out evaluation. The story made all the papers for a day or two.  The teacher, Trish Cameron, no doubt could not live with the hypocrisy of a lie that so many of the majority of the closeted gay clergy can live with every day to protect their meal-ticket lifetime jobs with the Vatican. 

I pray that one day we gain back the morality and integrity of a non-majority Catholic United States Supreme Court to state that yes, Catholic Clergy are employees of an international corporation and that Headquarters in Rome can be sued for hate, fraud and buggery as part of that worldwide organization.

It may be me alone and too many people may be too lazy to notice it but expelling children from Catholic Schools, children from Bishop Chaput’s diocese school for their parents beliefs and sexuality and the firing of teachers and theologians and others from Catholic institutions reminds me an awful lot of the early days of the National Socialist Regime in Germany in the early 1930s.

"Kauft Nicht" - Don’t Buy...

In fact the recent story, greatly upset me, of the Catholic Church in Germany wanting, demanding its 8% income tax on German citizens for accident of birth and or accident of baptism in one particular faith, as a financial burden for the rest of their lives of these catholic victims by birth, whether they believe in the faith or whether they attend church or not.  

That I have to wonder when did this right of Catholic Church taxation of German citizens begin – the German/Vatican Concordat of 1933

Signing Away German Catholic Civil Rights for Vatican Privilege 

No doubt Ross Douthat of the NYT, Michael Sean Winters of NCR, Raymond Arroyo of EWTN and Bill Donohue of Timbo Dolan NYC Inc. will soon be churning out the Catheofascist propaganda PR about how what a great and efficient idea a Catholic Tax in America will be, to have it imposed on all the population etc., Catholic or not.

With more and more overlapping of church and state in America, with faith based “charities” handouts to foreign religious corporations, with school vouchers and other indirect subsidies to the Catholic education system that is allowed by right of some mythical God that they cannot prove to me exists, and are therefore exempt or want exemption from other secular humanist laws like laws against discrimination, well you think about it.

How long before the Catholic Church surcharge on your state and national income taxes must be paid under penalty of the law – which law – secular law or the religious laws of the new American Catheofascism?

Father Coughlin - Radio Voice of Catheofascism in 1930s America - "They're  back!"

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colkoch said...

I will definitely have to remember Catheofascism, because it's all about the money. Don't forget, it's also a religious economic system.

M.McShea said...

Good point. But think about it though. Spain, Italy, Germany, Central, South America, Marcos' Philippines, the system was crony acquisition. Rewards for the cronies who carry out the orders blindly. Crony capitalism and fascism are indistinguishable most of the time in my POV.