Sunday, November 27, 2011

Consubstantial = Marriage Equality?

Human Trinity - Man = Woman = Angel

I am so surprised that the English translation “Consubstantial” of the Latin word from the Greek “Homo-ousios” used in Latin literature and symbolic of, meaning = same, essense being equal, union, equality of body and spirit should be used in the new Catholic service. 

Marriage Equality is consubstantial with love, union and equality, just like Jesus and his Father.

Two males united - consubstantial.  Or two females united – consubstantial - in marriage, just like a man and woman - consubstantial -

this understanding of the beauty of love is long overdue and now wonderfully reflected in the new language of the Mass.  

A step in the right direction toward acceptance and tolerance of reality in the RC church, moving away from centuries of ignorance, misunderstanding and bigotry.



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William D. Lindsey said...

Brilliant, Michael. And I'm amazed that our thoughts about the retrieval of that arcane word in the "new" liturgical translation were flowing very much along the same lines, independently of any communication between us about this topic.