Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pat Robertson - Green Bean Casserole - "It's a White Trash Thing"

Green Bean Casserole

Pat Robertson, that white cracker KKK preacher made it official.
His favorite white trash side dish on Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole.
You know the kind, the one make with Government canned green beans in the white generic paper label,
Campbell's tasteless flour and water "cream of whatever" soup
and topped with fried pork rinds.
Hmm - Hmm Good, Pat says.
" I can even eat it without my dentures."
Praise the Lord! (and my bank account)


Anonymous said...

I think the green bean casserole tradition thing was invented in one of those white suburban supermarket magazine rags like Redbook in the 1950s. I have to agree. When was the last time a mushroom was found in foodstamp choice Campbell's Cream of Mushroom??? $2.30 a can soup. It is all so white trailer trash wonderful!

Anonymous said...

"Cultural Christian" Eh? I'm not going to judge you, because that's not my place on this world. But I must say, that slandering people, and being racist isn't exactly upholding "christian" values. Like, love thy neighbor, he who be without sin cast the first stone, etc. etc.

M.McShea said...

Thank you Analonymous 11:54. It takes intelligence to understand "sarcasm". Blah. Blah. Blah. LOL But seriously dude or dudette - have a nice day :)