Thursday, July 16, 2015

World Chupacabra Day – 17 July 2015

In honor of the surviving Demon of Moca, Puerto Rico, or the Taino Indian god Maboyos, Feared by all to God, that nocturnally destroyed crops and livestock UNLESS were made Sacrifices to appease him / her, a dual sex god / goddess.

Moca, the ancient site of worship and Taino Indian site of the great Spanish Massacre of 1515 That virtually erased These peoples in numbers from That island population. The present church in Moca is located on a hill over the old Taino Temple on an earthen pyramid of pre-Spanish times.

To this day, is the center of Moca Wicca recreational activities, in defense of the land and against all hostile outsiders.

The Awakening of Maboyos or Chupacabra in Its modern name tag and form, is the result of overdevelopment culture and chaos on an island overrun by illegals, supported only by the greater drug trade in the Islands.

At night, beware.


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