Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baptist and Jew Play the Catholic Card In Government Shutdown

Apparently there are not a lot of Catholic Priests in uniform in the U.S. military as chaplains these days and like so much else in the downsized discounted globol culture, the use of catholic services on Sundays is outsourced to contracted people (pay as you go)(Pay as you pray?)

Well they can’t get into base if they are not authorized and if they are not paid during the Tea Party Shutdown of the Government, there are no visitor’s badges at the camp gate. Volunteers in times of global terrorism need not try to wander around the base using religion as an excuse Osama (wink,nod). Tough titty. End of story.

But band-aid Tea Party-ers Cantor and Cruz are oh so concerned about religious first amendment rights after they deprive the whole of the country the whole of their government.  Etc.

Anarchists! Putzes!


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