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Father Bergoglio and Admiral Massera, A Dirty War Gay Marriage of Convenience?

Reading a lot of translated from Spanish blogs, a string of facts begins to emerge of spots on a page, the dots of which are not yet connected regarding the Dirty War in Argentina and Jorge Bergoglio’s connections to the players and atrocities committed 1976-1983.

There is like an old underground right wing movement, a Hitler youth thing for young Argentinians, probably of Italian descent, the Right Guard, that most young middle class boys were expected to join or exposed to in their high school days in Argentina.

This old Right Guard thing, officially disbanded, like the Nazi Party in Germany, no doubt had its links to the past and its past members in loose association and networks in the political struggles within the first Peron Rule and the was revived no doubt in the Second Peron Rule and comeback in the 1970s. Juan Peron was a two faced dictator, a populist, that appealed both to extremes of the left and right. So when reading anything some journalist marks under the heading Peron, one should ask a second question, is it a left Peron faction or a right Peron faction involved in the discussion.

Of the many blogs, Bergoglio seems to have been more involved with the Admiral in the Junta Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera, who seems to have been the middle go to guy or Neutral Center amongst the competing military generals of the Army of the Junta.

In fact, as Admiral, Naval bases seemed to be ideal military installations, isolated to interrogate and torture prisoners, store stolen loot and ship it overseas to the Vatican Bank as an example or fly prisoners over the water and throw them out into the ocean.

Cardinal Bergoglio’s main referenced association in the Junta seems to be Admiral Massera more than anybody else and his ESMA headquarters to find and locate and negotiate for prisoners.

A pre-Francis I blog below from 2010 making the claim that Father Bergoglio of the Jesuits was instrumental in getting Admiral Massera an Honorary Degree from the Universit del Salvador. Though that sounds ominous, but not necessarily, the honorary degree was awarded one month after Bergoglio’s two Jesuit priests got tossed half naked and tortured onto the road after Bergoglio ? successfully negotiated their release???

And in the Wikipedia Article, Admiral Massera giving Argentine diplomatic papers to Licio Gelli, banker for the Nazis in Italy and a player in the Banco Ambrosiano Scandal? Ratlines never die???

Somehow, no matter how you connect the dots, it always comes back to the banks, the bankers, Banco Ambrosiano and the CIA’s need for Cardinal Wojtyla to lead the RC church and not Cardinal Luciani in that department. Etc.

A lot of bodies or I should say metaphoric skeletons under the RC Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires Argentina, so to speak. Whatever.

(from translation:) 

By Walter Goobar

In the bottom of a larger environment of the metropolitan cathedral, under a large tapestry of the Virgin, the secretive Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio takes refuge in silence. Not praying or giving mass: is stating as a witness in the megacauses Esma. The respondent is upheld in their charters to avoid the bar of Comodoro Py so the judges of the Federal Court Number 5 were moving on Monday to the Cathedral to listen for four hours maximum the evasive answers of the Church concerning Argentina.

Given the questions of the lawsuit, the archbishop silent, hesitates, says he does not remember, he can remember. It is not revealing any mystery of faith, but to explain to justice earthly dirty little secret: the invisible string that joined the dark master of life and death in the dungeons of the Esma: Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera.

Fate or chance played a trick on him to cardinal: at the same time that he was lost in labyrinthine babbling against judges, the brainless Admiral expired in Room 602 of the Naval Hospital. Cardiac arrest sealed lips sailor's grave was the shameful secrets that strives to preserve Bergoglio.

As one apostle who denied Christ three times before the cock crows, the cardinal refused so many have been a follower of the most Hell recent tenant.

Cardinal Forgetfulness certainly extends to an event that occurred on November 25, 1977 when he integrated the staff of the University of El Salvador. That day the USAL awarded the Navy chief, Emilio Eduardo Massera, the title "Doctor Honoris Causa", in a public ceremony. Data that distinction Admiral Zero mysteriously disappeared from the archives of the University because there signatures of those who proposed and what were the motivations for a genocidal doctorar. But, today the cardinal does not remember the crucial role played in this tribute to the Navy honcho.

That afternoon, Bergoglio heard Massera deliver a pompous speech about the indifference of the young, promiscuous love, and hallucinogenic drugs "derivation foreseeable "that" sensory escalation "in" the thrill of the terrorist faith. "

With a smile, the master of the ESMA also said that the University was "the instrument most able to launch a counteroffensive" West . While fervently applauded, not the discreet Bergoglio took the stand. If they did their faithful discípuloss Iron Guard, the powerful paramilitary organization in which Bergoglio was active since 1972 and later took part in the ownership of the property of the missing.

Iron Guard was in those years the best school for cadres who had Peronist right. Its leader, Alejandro Alvarez El Gallego, commanded 15,000 militants trained under strict discipline and indoctrinated by ultramontane orthodoxy. The organization officially dissolved itself in 1974, but continued to act and, through the good offices of Bergoglio, among others, came to have great relationship with Massera.

On 31 July 1973 he was elected provincial Bergoglio, which is the peak the ranks of the Society of Jesus, an order characterized by obedience and quasi-military discipline.

A document from an intelligence service that specializes in tracking ecclesiastical subjects and actors of the time, which is kept in a file of Chancery - argues that proposed clean Bergoglio Company "lefties Jesuits."

One of his first decisions as Provincial was delivered to the University of Salvador civil partnership formed by lay people who were members of the Iron Guard along with it. Towards the end of 1974 gave the Cardinal now USAL two Iron Guard leaders: Francisco Cacho Pinon, who was appointed rector, and Walter Romero, chief of the powerful political group, as operator hidden in the University.

At that sense, the appointment of Massera as doctor "honoris causa" of Usal occurred almost exactly one month after the priests Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics were found drugged and naked in a field of Cañuelas. The two priests who performed his pastoral work in a village of Bajo Flores, had been kidnapped nearly six months in the ESMA.

During the trial of the juntas conducted in July 1985, the priest-who was Orlando Yorio cautivoen ESMA between May and October 1976 - said: "Bergoglio never warned us of the danger we ran.'m sure that he himself provided the list of names to our sailors."
the religious who died in August 2000 - he repeated over an opportunity: "I have no evidence to believe that Bergoglio freed us, on the contrary. My brothers told them that I had been shot, if he did not know a thing possible or safe, so that they were preparing to my mother. When I was in freedom Bergogio confessed that he twice visited a police officer to alert our squad. outside the country, in the New York Times published the news of our death, the International Red Cross had that information, "narrated Yorio. In his view, Bergoglio "had communication with Admiral Massera, would have reported that I was the leader of the guerrillas and so he washed his hands and took double that attitude. Hoped that they could not find anything to accuse me, or get out Live.

's father claimed that Bergoglio Yorio attended the Navy's operational house in which was several months after leaving the ESMA. "Once they told us important visit. Came a group of people I could not see because we were blindfolded, but Francisco Jalics Bergoglio felt that one was, "said the priest. 

Yorio's father was based not only on sensory perceptions of his fellow captive. The Bergoglio own family admitted to seeing other Yorio and Jalics during captivity and provided details that proved correct.

In his book Church and Dictatorship, published in 1986, when it was known Bergoglio outside the ecclesiastical world, Emilio Mignone mentioned as an example of "the sinister complicity" with the military church, which "took care of fulfilling the task of cleaning dirty courtyard of the Church, with the acquiescence of the prelates." According to the founder of the Center for Legal and Social Studies "in some Sometimes the green light was given by the bishops themselves.

Sources of Iron Guard, the organization that later became the political arm of masserismo argue that Bergoglio Massera interceded with the two priests and academic distinction from the University of El Salvador was a consideration of the marine Bergoglio. however, Yorio and Jalics testimonies contradict this theory assured and always have been freed by the militant Christian management for human rights and former president of CELS, Emilio Mignone, via Cardinal Eduardo Pironio.

Yorio The father was so afraid to Bergoglio in 1992 when Antonio Quarracino appointed him auxiliary bishop, Yorio moved to Uruguay, where he lived until his death.

Controversial and glassy Bergoglio role played in the kidnapping of the two priests brought consequences for his career, so much so that many say was the cause for which the archbishop began a long descent into the hell of ostracism.

The year 1979 marked another chapter in the life of mysterious Bergoglio. While the official story says that at the time the cardinal was now completing his thesis in Germany, other sources suggest he was cloistered in a convent as punishment Jesuit in a European country. Versions differ as to the place of confinement. ostracism But deepened even more. A mid-1988 he was confined to a parish in the province of Cordoba, where only gave mass and confessed.
Another dark spots around Bergoglio's life is that he never wanted to appear in court. Cuandose conducted the trial of the juntas, asked Yorio was cited to appear and present but refused, saying he was sick in Cordoba. Bergoglio That attitude explains why personal reasons has thrown the full weight of the Church against the judicial review of the crimes committed during the dictatorship military.
confinement But the silence that was interrupted abruptly serrano in 1992 by the providential call Quarracino who appointed him coadjutor bishop and his heir Cardinals "the Lord forbid that I should raise my hand against the Lord's anointed," was and is the phrase This Machiavellian head pastor of the church that betrayed his brothers and gave them to the disappearance and torture by the military junta in the name of an insatiable lust for power.
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