Monday, February 4, 2013

Protect the Pope Insists on Roman Catholic State Funeral At Westminster Abby with The Pope no less Officiating for Paedophile King Richard III’s Bones

Richard III

Fresh from a Religious Liberty Victory browbeating the Pret A Manger sandwich chain into withdrawing a secular product “Virgin Mary” crisps/chips at great expense, mad with power church militant Catholic Deacon Nick Donnelly is insisting that recently discovered bones of the evil King Richard III be turned over to Roman Catholic pomp and circumstance in Protestant Britain.

Although Richard probably received RC rites and or services at his internment at the monastery where he was buried, the Catholic Right Wing want to shove everybody in Britain’s nose in Popery to satisfy their inferiority complex of living in Church of England territory.

The bones are going to be interred in 2014 at the local Leicester Cathedral of St. Martin COE.

A lot of controversy about Richard’s ascension to the throne, through a crooked RC theologian claiming a flaw in Edward IV’s marriage contract, thus bastardizing the legitimate twelve year old heir to the throne Edward V (Edward IV's oldest son).

Richard captures Edward V and puts him in the Tower of London as his protector and then conveniently discovers that he Richard is in fact the only legitimate king thanks to the corruption of the local RC establishment, a corruption dealt with under Henry VIII later on in Brit history.

Then Richard throws Edward’s ten year old younger brother in the Tower with Edward and the two possible heirs to Richard’s throne disappear mysteriously, said to be murdered.

Sounds like a spec movie script from modern RC archives. Two underage boys and their claims being discounted by corrupt clergy covering up grabs for power and grabs for little boys asses etc. LOL

Richard of course eventually gets his in the end and now five hundred years later the RC wants to make him a saint even though the two lost boys in question got fucked figuratively and or literally in the process.


Good luck with your campaign for Sainthood for Richard III Deacon Donnelly.


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