Monday, February 11, 2013

Benedict XVI to Resign - February 28

Live on BBC - Pope to Resign February 28

Few details at the moment.

"The reasons behind the head of the Catholic Church's surprise resignation have yet to emerge.

"Resignations from the papacy are not unknown, but this is the first in the modern era, which has been marked by pontiffs dying while in office.

"At 78, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was one of the oldest new popes in history when elected.

"He took the helm as one of the fiercest storms the Catholic Church has faced in decades - the scandal of child sex abuse by priests - was breaking."...


Dave said...

Wow! Who will be next to wear the famous red shoes? Let the intrigue begin..

M.McShea said...

Shoes by Prada Dave. The knives, hundreds of them are being sharpened at this very moment. Kevlar vests coming out of the closet too. LOL

Dave said...

I will wager right now that the next pope will be lily white and of European descent.