Monday, February 11, 2013

Thomas More in Hell – From a Strictly Protestant POV

“There is only one Thomas More: A man of tender nobility, subtle intellect, and forceful conviction, all rooted in profound fidelity to the larger commonwealth of Christendom outside and above Tudor England.”~~ Abp. Charles Chaput

Actually, there are two Thomas Mores, the other one was a bloody henchman for Henry VIII who gladly sought out, judged, tortured and burned Lutherans and Heretics. A Man for all Catholic Inquisitor Seasons, not real or humanist Seasons.

Dying for one’s personal fickle and often changeable con$cience of conveneince is perhaps more a sign of mental illness than a reason for “sainthood”.

Image above of Thomas More in his present digs from a Protestant POV – in Hell!


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