Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nobody Tougher on Russia than Trump, Not Even Hitler, on SNL

Nobody tougher on Russia than Trump, not even Heetler in sketch on SNL last night with Alec Baldwin. Not his funniest Trump skit btw.

And Hannity on FOX NEWS is trying to start a Respect the Whore in the White House Melania Campaign. Jimmy Kimmel, never a funny, funny guy but a good small one liner as host on his late night show on ABC made a casual after dinner host kinda remark that got an audience chuckle about the First Lady's accent reading at the annual White House lawn Easter Egg hunt to innocent young children, (an ideal role model for children btw, especially little girls desired greatly by her Green Card Hustler, I mean Husband), her thick Zsa Zsa accent that she cannot afford to lose with coaching along with the one or two million dollars of plastic surgery keeping his aging body propped up after she helped to literally clone Dolly, I mean Donald Trump. Wink. Nod.

Melania's former Soviet Satellite Communist Party Dad and Mom are living here in the USA BTW on her dime or it's illegally obtained Green Card and Hannity is the one who never showed Hillary respect as FLOTUS. So he can dildo himself into a Santorum with his Kimmel attacks.



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