Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NYC Perfect Flawless Design Commission Remove Statue of historic "Non-Woke" Doctor James Marion Sims

Of all the tens of thousands of womens lives saved and or affected by the non PC medical practices of pioneer Doctor James Marion Sims are of little matter. A powerful white male is relegated to the trash heap of history. Doctor Sims no different than most Medicaid doctors using poor welfare patients as guinea pigs for the Pharmas and Medical Surgery Industrial Complex?

The Commission voted in perfect PC unanimous chic fashion. 


The city tore a statue of controversial 19th century gynecologist J. Marion Sims from its perch in Central Park Tuesday — less than a day after it was deemed unfit to remain in the iconic space.
The Public Design Commission on Monday voted unanimously to relocate the statue to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery because Sims — once hailed as the father of modern gynecology — had experimented on enslaved women.
The Parks Department wasted no time Tuesday, wrapping the statue in a blue blanket and putting it on a flatbed truck as it removed the statue from its spot near E. 103rd St., where it has stood for more than 120 years.


The De Blasio Commission voted in perfect PC unanimous chic fashion. 

Signe Nielsen
Landscape Architect
Philip E. Aarons
Vice President
Lay Member
Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos
The New York Public Library
James Stewart Polshek
Ethel Scheffer
Mayor's Representative
Paula Scher
Lay Member
Ann G. Tenenbaum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hank Willis Thomas

Faith Rose, Executive Director
Keri Butler, Director of Art & Conservation
Grace Han, Director of Capital Projects
Tom Campbell, Capital Projects Manager
Julianna Monjeau, Manager of Archives & Special Collections
Aly DesRochers, Manager of Public Programs
Toby Allan Schust, Designer
Stephanie Berrios, Intern

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