Monday, February 13, 2017

Open Letter to David O'Reilly, The Inquirer Regarding Abp Chaput's Unconditional Support of Trump

A Real Bishop of Philadelphia - John Neumann 1852-1860

Mr. David O'Reilly, Correspondent Philly.Com The Inquirer 

BTW Grats on your long and no doubtless rewarding meal ticker career!

I am writing this as an open letter because Charles Chaput complains about the media not fawning like they should be in a Fascist Slave Nation that Trump and his cadre of Nazi haters envision for the USA.

“I don’t want to be partisan in my comments here, but it seems to me if we are really serious about our common responsibilities, we support the president,” Archbishop Charles Chaput told the California-based talk show host Hugh Hewitt, a Catholic conservative.

I think your boutique journalism piece above about Chaput latest whining about something or other is more an infomercial for the California Hewitt Radio show than it is about the media or Trump. 

That Chaput is the force behind the California Fascist Catholic / "Christianist" organization of The Napa Institute promoting secret functions where church as state are one in the Fascist Vision of a future or is it now America.

I have been watching your topic Charles Chaput since he tossed two first graders into the street in Denver in Father Breslin's parish because the two kids moms were moms and or lesbian.

He ranted and raved I believe more about MSNBC and probably on Fox News in 2011 to say that the American Media were anti-catholic for not reporting on a World Youth Day in Spain that year.

That was the cover story that I believe after some research was a response to some so-called desecration of a state owned chapel in the State Controlled Complutense University in Madrid. 

That the background on lesbians making political points in a political theatre of a state owned and supported chapel was a response in fact that an anti-gay Gang(s) of devoted Catholic Fascists patrolled the campus at night with clubs to make certain no gays would meet in public in a public university after dark. Gay reactions to violence against gays and ignored/endorsed by the police was the other half of that Chaput story. Chaput is only interested in half truths IMO. etc.

I am also not fond of "Chief Outtatown" my terrible non-PC label for this carpetbagger archbishop in Philly. If the media can ignore personal insults like "Pocahantas" by a warped mental case of a so-called President for the female senator Elizabeth Warren, why am I wrong in calling this bigot a name that fits his so-call heritage. 

But I really disliked this dude when he came up with a political agenda to attack JFK in the grave for his separation of church and state stance and in lines with the upcoming 2012 elections. Something about attacked dead Dem Prezs by the GOP like FDR with the 22nd amendment. Irony with that was that Eisenhower, Nixon if he had cleaned up his act, and Reagan could have probably gone for though not done third terms, but not in St. Ronny's case. RIP

Sorry that BXVI had to retire for senility and sorry that Chuck did not get his red hat as promised because of this new possibly more moderate pope F1.

As I remember the local newspapers, TV and radio in the day would fawn at the sight a Philly archbishop deigning to step half a foot out of the old 10 acre Cardinal Dougherty 61 room Bishop's Palace on City Line Avenue to give the media their 30 second soundbite or half a column hardcopy interviews. I believe that lent as much to the recent Philly unpleasantness of abuse by clergy thingy as much as internal Catholic hierarchy mismanagement. Whatever. 


Mike McShea



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