Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alien Abduction of 22 Americans Off Malaysian Flight MH-17

22 Americans Missing from MH-17 – Join others on MH-370 Manifest???

Like why do major services like Reuters and FOX Noise say that 23 Americans were killed on Flight MH-17 - where did they go?

One is Bi- a bi-citizen I presume. Not enough time for our Greys working out of Area 51 to save the Half Dutchy American. A matter of timing.  Tragic.

FOX NEWS yet to apologize on Reporting 23 Americans Dead on Malaysian Flight MH-17. So non-PC as usual.

International Business Times quoted Fox News and Fox News Made up ??? 23 Americans killed on Flight MH-17. Roger Ailes back off his medications?????

Twenty-three Bi-s showing 23 U.S.Passports were not on board MH-17.  They are now in the company of the abductees on Malaysian Flight MH-370. 

They were filming a future 2618 C.E. Twilight Zone episode for the crowd on Alpha Centauri and there could not be 23 Americans in the script on Flight MH-17.

The lost people of MH-370 and 22 from MH-17 will star in another future alien movie on the life and times of Secretary John Kerry entitled – “Politically Correct First Last and Always – Truth be Damned!”.

Rupert Murdoch wants to buy Time Warner and he has no clue, he or his organization about COMMUNICATION???? The modern Wall Street Bankers Business Model of Success in a Dumbed Down America leading the way to a future Dumbed Down Global Culture?????  A truly DUH! moment. Whatever.

A reliable anonymous source has stated that the Reptillians (space aliens), in treaty with the old Soviet Union and now under personal contract to you know who, was training Russian Ukrainians how to shoot missiles the other day. [BTW the Reptillians like to get off on the sight of Vladimir Putin's naked pecs (wink, nod). But you didn't hear that from me.] 

Now that only half an A-merican is dead on MH-17, I really do not give a damn about this tragedy that happened outside safe white gated main street America.  Amen, Christian A-merica.

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