Monday, May 12, 2014

Catholic Church In Boston Afraid of Religious, Political and Cultural Diversity – Black Mass Tonight at Harvard To Celebrate Free Will and Human Nature

The Archdiocese of Boston, the Bernard Cardinal Law Bailiwick that recognizes and promotes child abuse by Catholic Clergy, and rewards people like Cardinal Law with big promotions in such cases, is now showing its total ape-shit drunken spirit-uality like Bill Donohue PR intolerance to the Satanic ritual going to be performed in a pub within the Harvard Campus area.

The problem with man-made mono-theistic religions is that they cannot flourish in diverse political cultures such as the United States. As such they, the Catholic PR machine fueled by millions of tax free donor dollars, is in motion to make the next guy uncomfortable in their shoes in the presence of their magic ancient not universal but non-universal provincial god. Beware.

If anything, like the made up Wicca practices of the nineteenth century to fill a gap of a dead cultural religious witchcraft of feminine cultures that the RC helped to ethnically cleanse from Europe centuries ago - the Black Mass of the Satanists is a reactionary ceremony to recreate the RC Mass with Priests with magic fingers making magic bread. This all in a kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" like grudging respect of victims to their former victim-izers. To worship what Satan truly represents - Free Will and or Human Nature. 

That without true spirituality within, all ceremonies or rituals are merely assembly lines in pie factories so to speak or at least from the this POV. Whatever.


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