Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sam Harris – on Islam

Sam Harris


D M Mulvihill said...

I got it! He's a closet Buddhist (or perhaps a Jain). I'm starting to like him more and more. As a Buddhist, you really can't get away with hating Islam or another religions as much as he does, so he disguises himself as a western-style 'Atheist' to win people over to Buddhism. Brilliant!

Mike McShea said...

I am not certain I agree with Mr. Harris. I presented his POV because he is not a screaming atheist. With him, I think we could have a decent conversation on the topic of religion.

I am not certain I know what you mean regarding Buddhism and Mr. Harris. I do think that Buddhism does not get the respect that the other major world religions get in that Buddha was not a military general or such like Moses, Constantine or Mohammed (IMHO).