Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pope Francis – Talk Softly and Carry a Big… (Moxie)

Francis has finally taken a stand on Civil Unions and Gays, verbally at least and in an interview, parts of which his media gatekeepers have backed down on or polished down without directly challenging his supposed papal supreme authority.

The tone that civil union is acceptable for Gay Catholics and that dogma would not at present permit the idea or the letter of man-made Church Law from extending the Sacramental of Marriage to non-heterosexuals, is appropriate at this time in terms of talking about the idea of marriage or the union of two people and or two souls. Better late than never. A start perhaps?

This guy Francis is preaching from the lifeboat long after the European POV regarding the Roman and or Western – ship of state – church has crashed, burned and gone to live with the little fishies at the bottom of the ocean. 

This man has some real moxie, like him or not.

That his un-polishing of dogmatic belief a bit and or temporal papal power is a communication all along that these turds in mitres should have been selling in similar fashion. Apparently Francis did this and as the news article I read, briefly mentioned this without exact detail of “other” bishops making this same stand in the past and probably around the same time as Francis as Archbishop of Buenos Aries.

The Far Right has gotten into this far too comfortable (with power) for little people, literal dogmatic “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” definition thing and it is their way or the highway bullshit. No gray area and need for discussion or accommodation of the gray areas that Catholic theologians should have been talking about in the recent past, before King Wojtyla shut them down, fired them and introduced Polish as the only official language of the common most acceptable definition of God thing.

Some softened – talk softly but carry the big stick of authority – rhetoric is long overdue on the religious definitions of marriage and contraception in the real world integrating with a very dense complex modern worldview of this new emerging evolving global culture. 


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