Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pennsylvania Political Whores Corbett Nutter and Chaput Off to Rome to Woo Pope Francis for Expensive TaxPayer All-Expense Paid Visit to Philly in 2015 – Tuppence to the Poor

I know that whenever a major dignitary, head of state, comes to New York for a major state visit, the price tag to the taxpayers is usually in the tens of millions of dollars. The Fed usually kicks in some funds under the table because New York is host city to the United Nations.

And the price tag for such events goes up all the time. Benedict’s Trip to Madrid Spain in 2011 cost an estimated 72 million dollars that cash strapped Spain forked out for a Catholic event in a “Catholic” country.

I know that Francis is popular at the moment and all that, meaning he does not seem to be half the prick that Benedict is and or John Paul was in real life but get a life Catholics.

Governor Corbett who cuts back on school aid, food stamps and everything else non-white-surburban middle class wants to drum up a visit of Francis to a Catholic Family Conference in Philly in 2015.

Benedict had already promised and hey it will bring an estimated 100 million dollars into the local economy but it will probably cost 100 million in overtime for police, added security, barriers, patrols, electronic scanning devices etc.

The Catholic Governor who protected the Sandusky child abuse set up at Penn State for years as Attorney General says that they are not going to use tax payers money to fund costs of this Pape Fest. Yeah right. 

Pennsylvania taxpayers are about to get screwed for a Catholic Party on the Parkway in Philly.

Off to Rome with Governor Corbett, Mayor Nutter and Charles Chaput in search of his red hat, kissing up to the pope and hoping for a Catholic party at taxpayers’ expense for the cash strapped Philadelphia Archdiocese that must close parish after parish to make up to the devil may care spending like a Drunken Sailor in Rome outside a male brothel of the, of late, not so great Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia/Rome, retired now to a palace in Knoxville Tennessee.

The last Holy See to visit Philadelphia was Pope John Paul II in 1979. His outdoor mass along Benjamin Franklin Parkway drew more than 1 million.

 If Francis were to come to Philadelphia, it would be his first trip in to North America, Corbett said. The city's large media market and geographic location, halfway between New York city and Washington, D.C., makes it the perfect designation for Francis to make the cross-Atlantic trip, the governor said.

 In June 2012, when Benedict named Philadelphia as the host site for the family gathering, Chaput admitted he was nervous. The archdiocese was going through a tough period, he said, alluding to the prosecution of Monsignor William Lynn, whose conviction on child endangerment charges related to covering up sexual assaults of children recently was overturned. In January, Lynn was freed on bail pending an appeal.

 But Chaput said his confidence grew after the region's and state's business and religious communities reached out to him to offer assistance. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders have come together to join the host committee, chaired by Nutter, a Democrat ,and Corbett, a Republican, Chaput said.

 "It's a miracle," he said.

 The committee has raised $5 million so far, Chaput said. More is needed to help offset the cost of the event and give a donation to the poor.


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