Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cold Hearted Global Spreadsheet Charlie Chaput in Philly Cuts Off Financial Tuition Aid to the Children of Clerical Sex Abuse Victims

I must say the stooges running around 222 N 17th Street in Philly are kissing tail, chasing their own tails, closing parishes, funding Pope Parties on the Parkway and stiffing the children of Sex Abuse Victims out of free tuition at Archdiocese schools.

Of course, this not so well known program had to stop. Money to victims? A quarter million and Spreadsheet Charlie, cheap, mean, tight, in on his temporary assignment, hatchet job before promotion, on the assets of the Philly Archdiocese, that and trying so hard to get that Red Hat, to enjoy forever in Hell, the floor of hell is covered in the skulls of bishops etc.

Well who would want to send their children to a Catholic school anyway after being raped by the priest cult of this Christian sect is beyond me???

After some attention in the press, the few that knew about this program have gotten a temporary reprieve for the generosity of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the many sins of its so-called chast celibate hierarchy. Whatever.

With that aid cut off, he faced the prospect of uprooting his teenagers in the midst of their high school years.

 Church officials rebuffed months of repeated requests to plead his case with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, he said.

 But after The Inquirer began asking questions about the tuition-relief program - and Woodruff's case in particular - church officials told him they would continue to cover his children's costs through graduation.

 Ken Gavin, a spokesman for the archdiocese, said Chaput had been considering "for some time" the decision to grandfather Woodruff's children and those of other participating victims through the tuition relief program's closure.

The decision to end the program in June came last year as the archdiocese struggled to dig itself out of a financial hole that has prompted layoffs, property sales, and the closure of parishes and schools.

 Gavin said a financial review of the archdiocese had prompted a reevaluation of how money set aside for victim services was spent.

 "The core mission of the [Victim's Assistance Program] is to provide for healing of the individual," he said. "As such, resources were directed toward modes of assistance directly related to that goal."

 He stressed that the school payments were just one of the myriad efforts the archdiocese's Office for Child and Youth Protection has made to combat sexual abuse and help victims, including offers of therapy and counseling to victims and mandatory training for its thousands of clergy and lay employees.

 To Woodruff, that explanation is lacking.

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