Monday, February 3, 2014

Woody Allen and All Those Nasty Unmentionable in the Media “Child Abuse” Allegations Come to Light Again

Before some of these “Hollywood Menagerie” families that seem to grab the media attention of modern terms, there was that floating kind of thing over twenty years ago as the “Nuclear” (?) “Extended” Woody Allen – Mia Farrow breakup and or “Marital” meltdown in Manhattan Family Court in the early 1990s.

That people like Madonna raised a social consciousness of poor third world babies worthy of adoption led to others in the Hollywood Hierarchy, notably the Brad Pitt – Angeline Jolie “Marital” alliance with a family of all adopted types of children to make one big “Morphed” family. 

The definitions of Nuclear or Extended Families are stretched or obsolete in modern light. And wondering the motives of the unmarried Jolie-Pitt “Marital” alliance one sees that diversity negates a childhood of Angeline at least of the life as a child of notorious actor father and racial redneck bigot Jon Voight.

That aside, back to the Woody Allen Menagerie family of children, adopted, step, natural etc. of the early 1990s under the financial umbrella of famous rich parents not married, came rumblings of rumors of Woody Allen’s possible misuse of the sexual privacy of his children and their being possibly abused.

In the Family Court, marriage was not dissolved so much as the merger of finances, child support, custody, visitation etc. were being disconnected and realigned with of course "the best interests" of the children concerned.

And the Allen-Farrow “divorce” was being handled in the New York Media Market full of PR, publicists, and Hollywood handlers.

I do remember that the proceeding of the Allen-Farrow Demerger in the Family Court got handled in the rich people’s family court where the rich and famous do not have to sit for hours in the Regular Manhattan Family Court with the little people, the welfare people etc. in terms of divorce, visitation, child support and custody which is the meat and potatoes of that court. 

That the hideous looming concrete architectural monster, with architecture awards, was in the middle of its first of one or two or three major redo-s, re-fabs of a building that should have been torn down considering the years of scaffolding outside and inside creating a surreal web work of a strange mixed sci-fi like territory of family justice in Manhattan.

That the Woody Allen and Mia Farrow paid a "fee" to be treated differently than the "regular" family court, and sat with an appointment with a Family Court Judge in some other building after hours, to work out the details of finance, support, custody and visitation of a modern extended, perhaps Menagerie media type family.

That allegations of spousal abuse or spousal abandonment is the primary language of divorce and such. That Ms. Farrow's past accusations about her adopted children are nothing new in the press.

That allegations of parents abusing children are taken care of in turn by court related bureaucrats in direct or outsourced government investigations.  

And in case you are wondering, unless there is a smoking gun with photos, accusations of abuse of children usually are documented and little else done in a twisted almost obscene place built more for the guaranteed employment of lawyers and judges, bureaucrats and their pensions than for the true welfare of any abused child and or children.

That it is not surprising that it took decades for the Child Abuse problem in the RC Church to come to light, let alone be dealt with etc. Yet to be fully dealt with?

That there are extraordinary parallels illustrated here on how large Secular institutions treat allegations of sexual abuse in similar fashion to Religious interests, and in that the institution comes first because of its functions and only secondly in terms of considerations of other things, human things, namely children. 

That is no surprise that one of Woody Allen’s adopted children is now coming out in public to air the family’s dirty laundry that has taken a back seat to Woody Allen’s Fame, lawyers and publicists for the past many decades.

I do not want to say much further, take sides etc., except to say that it is not surprising to me that more famous children of famous people have not sought a public forum to try and heal old seemingly unhealable sexual abuse wounds.

Manhattan Family Court in the Time of the Allen-Farrow Marital Demerger



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