Thursday, August 1, 2013

Greedy Queen Elizabeth Employs Slave Labor Tactics to Save a Few Million on The Buckingham Palace Summer Zoo Crew – Zero Hours Contracts – No Benefits – No Guarantee of Minimum Hours

The contracts have proved popular with employers as they do not set a minimum number of hours that have to be worked, allowing firms to draft in extra staff at short notice during busy periods.

But trade unions have warned that some employers have used them to deny basic rights to workers.

Those employed under the contracts say they do not know if or when they will be working from one week to the next, making family and childcare commitments impossible.

Buckingham Palace uses the contracts for temporary staff working in its shop and the State Rooms during the summer.

A spokesman for the Royal Collection Trust, which employs the temporary workforce, denied that the deal equated to a zero-hour contract.

She conceded that employees were not guaranteed work but said rotas were issued around a month in advance, meaning workers could plan around their hours.

A copy of a staff contract from 2009 stated: ‘Your hours of work will be advised by the visitor manager and will be dependent upon the requirements for retail assistants at Buckingham Palace as and when required.’

Somewhere on the timeline of trying to return the middle class to slaves to serve inbred idiots like the “Royal” Windsor Parasites is Zero Hours Contracting for Temps.

While it might be a good thing to share some summer chump change with high school students who want to work at the palace and put it on the resume.  

This whole intern, slave labor, on-call 24/7, show up or die kind of lazy, lazy, evil management with no benefits employment is something that is not down the road in America but just around the corner at Wal-Mart?



DaDroz said...

Yeah, umm, slave labour is being forced to work but not paid, quite the opposite of not being forced to work but being paid when you do... A month in advance to plan your hours is absolutely fairer than most places. It's only for part-time temporary staff who don't have to work there if they don't want to, not full-time permanent staff, so over half of your last paragraph was exaggerating as much as you could.

M.McShea said...

Then don't call the jobs. Call them interns with possible carfare. I would not hire anybody who has wasted a summer waiting around for a few hours of cleaning the royal carpets. On a resume I would have to wonder what good are the workers, volunteers, drones and all for the sake of the old German queen to save a few quid. If anything she should be on call at an hourly basis and on a hourly salary doing the Disneyland Buckingham House gig. Have a nice day.