Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hate Is A Commodity Of Morons - George Washington Bridge, A Symbol Of American Freedoms

George Washington Bridge NJ/NY Symbol of American Freedoms

I am not a regular viewer of NCR, National Catholic Reporter, a site independent somewhat of direct Catholic control, a so-called centrist POV but one that tows the party line in most instances. I do hear of articles through blogs that I view.

There was some fuss last week over an article over the death of priest in the past who had tried to minister to the LGBT community over the decades.

It was apparently comments on that article that caused NCR to shut down its comments app because of all the gay hate comments masked in anonymous named trolls.

The priest, a maverick in the AD of Philadelphia, Father Robert Nugent, was remembered in this recent article.

Well worth a read above.

But the real point to me is how the hate and threats and force of the Right is what we all have to fear especially when it shuts down civil discourse and true balanced free speech.

In many ways, the bully ways of the right, whether in shutting down traffic on the George Washington Bridge for vendetta or trolling hate of fellow humanity, Gays, is something we have all reason to be afraid of where all this anger and hate will lead this country to.

We ordered our Web editor to suspend the commenting feature and to hide all previously posted comments because of the malicious, abusive nature of the comments that have bombarded our site in recent days.
Comments will be suspended indefinitely. NCR editors will explore options that will allow commenting to return in a way that respects our writers, the subjects of our stories, and our readers. ,,,

Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the good that an open discussion can do is being outpaced by the damage it can cause when commenters do not respect civil discourse.

Comments that have appeared on the website in recent days have been vile and demeaning. We could no longer support hosting a Web feature that allows such despicable comments to appear, and that is why we ordered the suspension of that feature.

We apologize to anyone who was offended by these appalling comments.


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