Friday, December 20, 2013

Thinking Locally and Acting Locally is Why Phil Robertson Cannot Hack It In The New Global Culture – I.E. Jon and Kate Gosselin Syndrome

I know it is quite shocking for Phil Robertson to think that with all the luck and money and fame of being a pig shit duck call country phenomenon on American Reality TV, that he cannot hack it when he tried to bring his back woods nineteenth century world view into American Mainstream – (Global Culture) – view.

The cross energy matches the tired worn out late twentieth century cliché to "Think Locally but Act Globally" into sharp focus. 

That having backwoods trailer trash Sarah Palin witch, shaman and midwife along for the ride as coach and crutch when encountering reality beyond “reality” TV only invites disaster.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Syndrome. Need I say more. 

Reality TV with it easy 15 seconds of fame can sweep you back into the ole' back woods Vortex and even leave you living with a lot less than you are used to in a cabin in the woods without electricity and running water - which is what I think Phil Robertson really needs and wants. 

RIP Moron. 


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