Monday, December 2, 2013

RC Church Allentown PA / Lehigh County Intitutional Bigotry – Vic Mazziotti and Andy Baker in Bed Together on Bigotry Issues But Definitely “Not Queer” or so they claim?

Msgr. "I Wanna B Bishop!" Andrew Baker - Commissioner Vic "I Ain't Queer" Mazziotti
(In some Roman Catholics Circles - Being anti-gay Bigots is the New Black)

My civilised (British spelling) friend Dave sent me a link to remind what I am missing and what is it like sometimes to live among the Neanderthals in Northeast Pennsylvania.  lol
Bishop Barre’s Consigliere Rev. Andrew Baker Defends Lehigh County Government’s Bigotry toward Same Sex Couple Benefits.
The Republican big guy in Lehigh County recently made it clear that same sex couples, married in other states, have no right to marital benefits if working in Lehigh County government, both because same sex marriage is not yet a civil right recognized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania but more importantly, the Roman Catholic Church has ultimate veto power over Commissioner Vic Mazziotti to even use his brain (theoretical presence assumed there) in the matter. The church thinks for him. May I suggest Vic send his paycheck from the County straight to the Vatican. LOL
And the Bishop’s right hand yes man stooge Msgr. Andy Baker in charge of the Italian Cathedral, is backing up Vic Mazziotti’s right to bigot up the place in name of Holy Mudder Church. 
What a bunch of Neaderthals living in northeast Pennsylvania.
Visitor’s beware.
Even its most strident cheerleaders will agree there are many problems in Allentown. Violent crime. High unemployment. Terrible schools. Extreme poverty. Hunger. Homelessness. It's a place where a church, any church, can do so much good. So what does one Allentown priest do? 
 Attack the gays. 
 In a snippy letter to the editor, a Catholic Allentown pastor has taken aim, not at any of Allentown's real problems, but those damn queers. Andrew Baker, a Bishop wannabe housed in comfort at Allentown's Cathedral, calls same sex benefits a "potential harm to the common good" and likens them to extending maternity benefits to men. 
 Gays, incidentally, are manufactured in Greece by Satan and then shipped all over the world. 
 Baker has condemned the gay menace before. In 2002, while doing a stint at the Vatican with all the other Bishop wannabes, the obscene wealth did not trouble him a bit. But he sure was bothered by gay priests. In an essay, Baker called homosexuality a "disorder" and worried that gay priests could ruin the good gig priests have at places like St. Catharine of Siena, where rich people can pretend they're just like Jesus Christ. Except cleaner. 
 I'd be a little more worried about pedophiles. 
 If you google Baker, you'll learn that he's very concerned about gays and "religious freedom." But not much about poverty, illness, homelessness, violence. 
 Make that man a Cardinal! 
 Baker does not speak for the Church. Nor does Vic Mazziotti, a Lehigh County Commissioner who hid behind Baker's robes to justify a vote denying same sex benefits in that County.

For a second time, Lehigh County commissioners on Wednesday struck down a provision in the 2014 budget that would extend benefits to same-sex spouses. 

Republican commissioners blocked Democratic Executive Matt Croslis' veto that would have restored funding for the new program, which the commissioners eliminated in a budget amendment... 

Republican Commissioner Vic Mazziotti said he opposed the expansion because the state does not recognize same-sex marriage, and for a religious reason.

 "I'm a Catholic, and in the Catholic Church individual members of the church aren't permitted to determine what is appropriate and not appropriate," he said. "The church's position on same-sex marriage is clear. 
They do not support it. Were I to vote for this, I would be cooperating with behavior that my church does not condone. … No faithful Catholic could vote for this amendment." 

 In defense of all the cuts, board President Lisa Scheller argued that the county has a spending problem and decisive action is needed to avoid a tax increase in 2015. 
 While the benefits were allotted $219,000 in the original budget, Croslis readjusted the estimate down to $50,000, based on evidence from other large employers. 
 "I'm a practicing Catholic as well," Croslis said. "When it comes to this, our policy discriminates."



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article is snide, disrespectful, insulting and intolerant of the religious beliefs of the Catholic Church.