Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Martin Bashir Becomes a Brown Scalp Trophy on Sarah Palin's Belt

Martin Bashir is brown, south Asian, not black, but he does not live in Britain I suspect where the color of his skin defines his place in the scheme of things more so there than here.

When thoughtless morons like Palin compare things to slavery or Nazis, she doe not have a clue what she speaks of.

A talking dog act? 

And yes he scraped the very edge of anger in response. He was one of the few professional but more than that intelligent is a decent I.Q. sense journalist on cable news. I will miss him. I hope he lands in a good place somewhere.

We instead have to submit to the media whore that the establishment keeps shoving down our throats as somebody who has a valid opinion on anything. Yeah Right.


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Dave said...

Unfortunate development at MSNBC. Olbermann blew up also and had to leave and he is resurfacing..slowly. Will miss Martin..good guy and very smart. He'll turn up again..too talented not to..