Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Santa Claus a Christian Symbol or a Secular Symbol?

Megyn Kelly gives the go ahead to a white Santa and whatever it is he does with kids at this “Holiday” Time of year.

It is Retail Greed Season. That is somehow tied to the mythical Jesus’ birthday and birthday gifts and well I just don’t understand why Fox News wants to keep Chri$T in Chi$tmas and keep it as a for “whites only” to understand and enjoy the holiday thing. Big Mixed Message there.

The original Saint Nicolas gave a dowry of a gold coin for about a half a dozen ugly maidens/virgins in fourth century Turkey. They always say Asia Minor, like the Turkish conquest of Constantinople never happened in 1453 C. E. etc.

Anyway, Saint Nicolas is a bishop, he has cash to waste on charity and stuff and maybe a half dozen unmarried women in the local village will destabilize the region etc.

Give each girl/woman a gold coin as dowry and the local shepherd or goatherd sees another two dozen animals added to his flock. A fair trade. An ugly wife for two dozen goats?

Anyway. Fox News wants to define marriage but does not want anybody to get minimum wage and that destabilizes communities more so than any marriage arrangements. Whatever.

Santa Claus as Cola Cola Marketing Iconography sells coke. Santa sells Christmas. Santa sells greed. Santa sells the Chri$tmas season.

Santa however does not have a pastoral cross around his neck as he asks children to sit on his lap and ask for goodies from a white sugar daddy/bishop symbol type.

So when Fox News Wants to Put Chri$t back in the secular season, do they want Santa or is he just collateral propaganda on the whole convoluted season of artificial gift giving bought on credit and plastic?


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Dave said...

Quite bad as Easter and the stupid bunny thing. I agree it has turned into a corporate ploy to sell sell sell..consumer feeding frenzy. I both hate it and like it for nostalgic reasons.