Sunday, December 15, 2013

Megyn Kelly Defends White 4th Century Bishop Symbols & Their Continued Unfettered Access to Defenseless Little Children – Santa a perfect storm symbol for Pedophilia Megyn?

So long as he is white, Santa is safe around all kids. Yeah right Megyn.

“Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show but sometimes that is lost on the humorless,” Kelly said, attempting to turn the tables on her critics, who have accused Kelly of being everything from insensitive to an outright racist. 
 Kelly then played an extensive clip showing critics and comic tearing apart her comments, including reactions from CNN’s Don Lemon, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and late night host Jimmy Kimmel. 
 “This would be funny if it were not so telling about our society,” Kelly continued, accusing her critics of possessing a “kneejerk reaction to race bait.” “This wasn’t motivated by any racial fear.”

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