Monday, November 4, 2013

Kennedy Assassination 1963 – Occam’s Razor on Conspiracy Theories – Oliver Stone’s Theory as Good as Any Other – Lee Harvey Oswald’s Secret CIA Star?

This may not be current but it is current to me and a reaction to all the I want to gag in my throat stuff the MSM will be dumping on the dumbed down American public in the next few weeks and the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK assassination.

I have to wonder after fifty years, did the CIA give Lee Harvey Oswald a Secret Star on its wall of fallen heroes in Langley Virginia.  First unknown star of 1965 after LBJ’s re-election?

I have to wonder if Oswald was asked to fall on his sword  to cover up a rogue CIA black ops cell that ran amuck and offed President Kennedy for the sake of being able to do it and or for the heck of it – a personal ego kind of thing or a very unprofessional way of putting one’s professional mark on history.

Of all the things we know about Kennedy’s death in fifty years was that he got shot on streets of Dallas Texas.

Everything else is speculation. Including this.

That the film JFK by Oliver Stone’s is kind of like the Occam’s razor solution or the simplest answer to what sounds like some grand conspiracy thing.  It ran with what the New Orleans District Attorney found by sifting the sands of the corrupter sides of an already corrupt NO. And it might have been politics to get publicity and it might have been homophobia of Jim Garrison etc. Many things we may never know.

That to my way of thinking and by following the whole JFK cottage conspiracy theory for fifty years since he was shot when I was a child, all the conspiracy stuff is little more than hot air.

That the lone gunman theory was dusted off by the Secret Service left over from the McKinley and Garfield assassinations and it might even be the Occam’s edge of an Occam’s sword or razor but it is not. But that is what we got.

I think that more than one man placed the shots fired on Government Automobile License GG-300 on November 22, 1963 and beyond that, Oswald may or may not have known what was about to go down but he surely knew ten seconds after the historical facts of the whole thing happened.

The defection to Russia, the man in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City - the cop killer on the other side of town in Dallas that day may have had ID in his, their wallets identifying themselves as Lee Harvey Oswald but there was more than one LHO walking around Dallas that day etc. IMO


If Oswald was as I suspect a CIA operative operating on some undercover thing and he got used to the max to help everybody and their brother in Government – to give them time to burn all the Cuban Ops docs from Bay of Pigs onward, then Oswald gave the last measure of devotion to his country and cannot be openly honored by the CIA.

I hope he got his star at least for being one of the most maligned historic figures since Brutus.


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