Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pennsylvania – Alabama North – In God we trust and Darwin is the Devil - State Legislation – Disruptive Thinking of the Religious Right

Stephen Bloom’s proposed Pennsylvania Trashing of Core Curriculum teaching in favor of Tea Party White Trash Science and Bible based math, 2+2=286 according to la goud book stuff, is co-sponsored by Carpetbagger Abu Ghraib Torture Expert Rep. Rick "Year of the Bible" Saccone, Tea Party Guido, to help students realize the flaws in modern science and the glories of the one true religion in the bargain etc.

How the world is seeing backward knuckle dragging Pennsylvania and its religious education rackets on the taxpayers' dime:

As in other states, the bill in Pennsylvania asserts that the teaching of scientific subjects, including evolution, climate change and human cloning can “cause controversy.” If passed, the bill would require school districts and administrators to “promote an environment” that would “encourage” students to “develop critical thinking skills and respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion on controversial issues.” The districts and administrators would have to assist teachers to “help students understand, analyze, critique and review” the “strengths and weaknesses” of “scientific theories” being taught.

Corbin Brosneck’s theory of the "Disruptive Thinking" no Critical Thinking of the Religious Right. Disruptive Thinking sounds more like a disease that the Pharmas could claim to cure with a pill. Storm Trooper passive tactics by any other means to achieve the Tea Party's God's kingdom on earth?

Some other Bloom Religious Exemptions (Religious Privilege) from the old 3Rs Penna. Teaching Core Curriculum:


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