Friday, September 20, 2013

GOP Anti-Christianity Challenged By Words of Pope Francis – Mean Spirtied GOP going to Hell?

Taking Food Stamps out of the mouths of the poor and elderly, the recent trend in mean spirited Red Neck Khristianity along with trying to take healthcare availability from millions of uncovered by healthcare Americans, does not gel with the recent words of newly elected Pope Francis regarding love and true compassion to the poor.

TV Phony Baloney Khrist Evangelical GOP panderers - meet Mystical Jesuit. 

 Wish those House Republicans would spend some time studying the interview Pope Francis gave to the Italian Jesuit journal La Civita Cattolica that was published online by America, a U.S.-based Jesuit publication. 
 They might learn a few things about compassion, priorities and how to be real Christians.
 Francis thinks the church, to its detriment, is “obsessed” with its battles against abortion, gay marriage and contraception. “The teaching of the church is clear,” he said. “But it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.” 
 God bless that man. 
 But Francis didn’t just rock the world with unexpected words of conciliation about those hot-button social issues, he also said the church must be less rigid and must listen to the “feeling of the people, especially the poor.”


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