Monday, August 19, 2013

Queerskaters Hollande, Cameron, Obama Will Not Corrupt The Perfect Morals Of King Vladimir’s Russia – Pravda Editorial – Bring on the old Cold War Baby!

"Well, the rainbow legions, led by two bit and defamed politicians, are at it again. Unsatisfied with the murder of their own culture, the perversion of their own societies and children, with the cover up of numerous homosexual pedofile crimes and hate crimes against Christians, they are on the march.
"These are the modern equivalent of the Crusaders or Jihadist legions of old, wrecking havoc as they go, but lead by a new wave of would be tyrants. On an interesting side note, some of the most vicious, murderous tyrants of old have been homosexuals.
"From the Boy King of France, Hollande, the worst and least popular president of any of the 5 republics, to the mental light weight and political deadwood of the UK's Cameron, to the First Gay President of America, Obama, the Three Queerskaters are on the march, leading their legions of perverts on to the world.

"At home they have cowed their own peasants. Some were bought out by government graft. Others by threat of reprisals. 

"In France, when millions of Catholics took to the streets, the police beat and gassed them. Yes, the same police that cower in incompetence when the Islamic third worlders riot, is all to happy to slap the French serfs back down to their place. 

"After all, Socialists are ever the representatives of the people's will, its just that they are the only ones who know the people's will and definitely not the unwashed ignorant people. Yes, perfumed French unwashed serfs count just as much...."


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