Thursday, August 15, 2013

Changing American Demographics that Make Some Old White Men Sh*t!

There was I think some 14 minutes (literally) fuss and or phony grass roots Koch fed “controversy” regarding a cute little Cheerios “heart healthy” TV advertisement with a very subtle visual subtext and what appears to be an interracial couple, white and black, with an interracial female offspring.

Some phony “million moms against everything modern” group with 3,000 odd (emphasis on the word odd) actual moms and an obsolete E-Mail spam list from Newt Gingrich’s most recent tax set up and or political campaign protested in vain.

The so-called controversy petered out in 14 minutes no doubt because of modern demographics and the young who yawn or wonder why Scarlet O’Hara’s antebellum world still has any meaning whatsoever in the modern global culture.

So too recently, a cute car insurance TV advertisement with an apparent interracial couple, Asian and Black with both a talking mime and a talking baby.

No controversy there. Apparently in Scarlet O’Hara’s Miss Havisham nightmare like existence of old white men and old white women in the south, color matters, the color of the penis that is. 

This no doubt because adultery and fornication between the races of old sometimes left proof of the hypocrisy that that dying old local culture would try to preserve forever without rhyme, reason, purpose or contraception. 


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