Friday, August 16, 2013

Athlete Elena Isinbaeva – Ice Hate Queen(?) – Official Greeting Ambassador of Sochi 2014 – From Russia Without Love

Go Russia Go!

Isinbayeva is an ambassador for the games and will be welcoming athletes as a "mayor" of the Olympic Village at Sochi. 

As such she endorses the law no matter what and no doubt plans to spy on all Foreign Gay Athletes on Lockdown in Sochi in 2014.

By default her kiss ass “Russia is Number One!” Ra-Ra-Ra endorsement of Russia's new “Get the Gays” gateway law by default (by her own patriotic blind logic) thinks that is okay, unlike typical Western like“Gays”, for Russian traditional Heterosexuals only to (?) :

…wish to trade in filth, show pornographic images to children and indulge in perversion, in public, sit in parks watching homosexuals kissing each other tongue-in-mouth or lesbians cavorting on the grass in public parks like bitches in heat, then that is their business…

…As we can see, there is nothing discriminatory against the LGBT community in this law…

It is the old “I Love the Gays to Death” kind of Janus faced public PR spiel to the masses (Wink, Nod).

The Russian Volk People are healthy, althletic, Pure and Heterosexual?

Welcome to Sochi 2014 - Perfect People Only


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