Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Censorship - Injustice - Intolerance - The Mark of The Modern Russian Mafia State Behind the Scenes of the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014

Powerful Image! 

An Honest image!

A sign of the times and the value of humanity on the present Wharton Global Spreadsheet. 

We boycotted the Russian Olympics in 1980 over their invasion of Afghanistan. 

Now the Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia in 2014 are about to showcase the triumph of the brute force of global Modernity. 

The image above a censored artwork by artist Vasily Slonov.

The rainbow colors of the Russian Olympics reframed into the many colors of injustice willing to harm and kill all opponents or perceived opponents of the state.

How soon and how sad has our moral compass changed since 1980. 

In terms of the injustice about to be permanently institutionalized in the great modern oligarchic state, we must reframe the words of William James and fight grave injustice and grave inhumanity with the force of “the moral equivalent of war”.


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