Friday, February 15, 2013

The Sterile Nature of Sexxxuality Officially Sanctioned by the Teachings of the Vatican Catholic Church Cult

Joe and Georg - not your average couple

Sex is or is not sex depending on the situation. I consider sex itself something of a body function thing in most cases to be quite frank.

Mixing it with morality is really just confusing it with possible legal matters and not moral matters especially when it comes to the traditional Hebrew commandments concerning property, i.e. adultery, coveting your neighbor’s property, wife, chattel etc.

There was a time when celibacy meant chastity. That it got imposed on the clergy in the eleventh century to curb the unchecked gayness of the pope and his courtiers in the Vatican.

The thing to keep it in your pants for the gay priests and cardinals raised a great jealousy against the heterosexual priests that were allowed to still marry and practice openly their kind of sexuality. Celibacy then became to mean "not-married" (not allowed to marry and keeping it in your pants optional).

It must have been a great relief to sweep all things sexual into the “other” miscellaneous column of life when the RC Church stopped talking about real sex or dealing with it around the year 1050 C.E..

About the same time, you have a major schism between the Roman Church and the Orthodox Church, over who is the really real successor of Peter bullshit fight going on between Rome and Constantinople.

And shortly thereafter of this sexual mess, sexual mistake of “celibacy” you have the Crusades because to make the economics of this whole mess relevant, Rome no longer could get coffee so to speak or some other real time commodities of that age from the middle east and Constantinople was no longer a friendly trading partner, middle man, with the West because of the Schism.

Quite a mess, sexual, religious and economic, not to mention how dangerous it suddenly got to be living in Jerusalem.

Fast forward a thousand years. Benedict XVI, and he needs to hide from prosecutors in European and American Courts and will now wall himself up in a “Nunnery” and pray and contemplate getting arrested for crimes against humanity, mostly children in the humanity equation but also the money laundering thing at the Vatican Bank making the modern world, as part of Satan’s “modernism” the one true enemy at the gates of Vatican City.

I have some creepy reactions to Benedict XVI’s so called retirement. Day by the day the official press releases unravel into things that do not quite make sense to me.

For example, One is that they, the media, the Vatican Press Office said that he was retiring to a cloistered convent which is all well and good.  But the nuns left at the end of November in order to facilitate the reconstruction of the convent to turn the nunnery into a sexy bachelor pad for the retiring Joe the Pope as I am fond of calling him. Will the nuns return to cook his meals, clean his house and change his Depends when construction ends?

That and the nature of this Mater Ecclesiae nunnery founded in 1994 by John Paul II is to pray non-stop for the pope and the cardinals running the Vatican. Hardly a Chantrywhereby a trust fund is set up for eternal masses to be said by a priest presumably for a king at a dedicated altar somewhere in the former king’s cathedral etc., a practice, an abuse that disappeared during and after the Reformation, the trust fund being too easily looted both by the Catholics and Protestants on that matter.

The whole purpose of these nuns is to serve God by doing a 24/7/365 praying for dicks like John Paul II and Benedict XVI that need hundreds and thousands of nuns in reality to pray for their souls, if you believe in the power of prayer, considering the amount of damage these two very ambitious church men have done collectively to the fabric of the Roman Catholic Infrastructure but more importantly the damage they did and have done and continue to do to the psyche of the true church, the People of God. Bummer!

I am also imagining that Benedict’s hideout is in plain sight at the Vatican, besides to exercise a Mafia Don’s Diplomatic Immunity to crimes, with an imprimatur from Benito Mussolini, I think that maybe Benedict wants to keep an eye on the Bureaucrats to make certain that above all, sexual and other forms of blackmail continue to rule the basis of the Vatican Cult thing. Brotherhood is a good thing but a gun to one’s head is a better persuader to keep the old gang in line and not have any rats turning state’s evidence etc.

I am also half imaging that certain observation spots on the roof of St. Peter’s will now have live webcams and give a select few in the hierarchy 24/7 views of Benedict’s roof garden on top of his “nunnery”.

No doubt the topic of chit chat among chief honcho bureaucrats in red on a daily basis will be “Did you see him today?” “How did he look?” “How long before he takes his secrets to the grave…?” Etc.

Getting back to the sterile nature of sex as envisioned in the confused sexual nature of the Vatican HQ Cult. Add to this mixture, Benedict is taking his boy toy into retirement with him.

Monsignor, house boy, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the private secretary will not get some assignment in Regensberg etc. or at least not by this pope. He will no doubt continue to be the eyes and ears of Benedict to the rest of the world until Josef Ratzinger’s demise. Is Benedict his ball and chain or is he Benedict’s ball and chain? LOL

And of course the relationship of Joe to Georg is platonic. Is of a possible father son thing since neither is sexual but "celibate"?

Nothing terribly wrong in the sterile non-sexual connotation of the whole thing. Throughout history sterile men in childless marriages have courted father son relationships with other men.

I am thinking of Augustus and Tiberius, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, Napoleon with a few of his young hunky generals and of course Adolph Hitler and Albert Speer.

Oh well. Whatever. 


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