Monday, January 21, 2013

Bishop Lori’s Cathedral Parish’s Religious Liberty Put to the Test in Connecticut as Feds Persecute Pastor Kevin Wallin on Meth Charges

Monsignor Kevin Wallin under Attack from the Obama Justice Department

Paid sabbatical from Bill Lori at his cathedral, St. Augustine’s and poor Father Kevin Wallin is being persecuted under Obama anti-Religious Liberty laws and godless Justice Department (Waco! Waco! Waco!) for being part of a nationwide Meth Drug ring.

St Augustine Cathedral and Parish, Bridgeport Connecticut

This is the very kind of thing the Roman Catholic Bishops and FOX News have warned us about, the Gubmint coming to take our guns and making martyrs of our saints.

We can be so glad that Bishop Bill Lori has been promoted to Baltimore and does not have to deal with this direct government assault on our Religious Liberty.  Oh the Humanity!

Like anybody could believe that any of this stuff went down during Bishop Lori's watch in Bridgeport.

Can I tell you how much I love this story? You have NO IDEA how much I love this story. I love this story so much that I don’t know where to even begin with it. Here’s the gist: it appears as though the Catholic Church has its own Walter White — his name is Monsignor Kevin Wallin — and he hails from Fairfield County, Connecticut.  
Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Wallin, along with four others, on six counts of possession with the intent to distribute. Prosecutors say that he and his pals ran a meth ring that stretched all across the country. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $2 million fine. 
The Catholic priest busted for allegedly dealing crystal meth was suspended after church officials discovered he was a cross-dresser who was having sex in the rectory at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral.  While pastor of St. Augustine’s, sources said he often disappeared for days at a time; and rectory personnel became concerned and notified diocese officials when Wallin, sometimes dressed as a woman, would entertain odd-looking men, some who were also dressed in women’s clothing and engaging in sex acts. 

 Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, recently of Bridgeport Connecticut – Author and Patron Saint of Religious Liberty in America – Special Prayers are being prepared for persecuted Monsignor Kevin Wallin at the upcoming Second Annual (sacred tradition) Fortnight of Freedom Dog and Pony Show this summer.

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colkoch said...

Plus Wallin was a long time personal secretary to Cardinal Egan. My oh my what dirt is coming out about the delightful East Coast clerical clique.

By the way, Lori looks like he's wearing lipstick, probably due to the 'elementary school picture' background. Seriously, couldn't he do something a little better than that for an official photo?